Cagatay DIKICI

E-mail :
Tel. : +90 212 359 64 14
Fax : +90 212 287 24 65

Research Interests

  • Information Theory, Joint Source Channel Coding
  • Wyner-Ziv Compression, Dirty-Paper Coding
  • Error correcting codes (LDPC, Turbo Code)
  • Compressed Sensing
  • Distributed Video Coding
  • Compression of 3D Meshes
  • Foveated Video Streaming

    Detailed description of my research projects...

  • Education

  • 2007- Ph.D. in Computer Science, INSA de Lyon, France
  • 2004- M.S. in Electrical & Electronics Eng (Signal Proc.), Bogazici University, Turkey
  • 2001- B.S. in Electrical & Electronics Eng (Telecom), Bogazici University, Turkey
  • Experience

  • 02/2012-present Tubitak BIDEB-2232 Research Fellow, Part-time Lecturer, Bogazici University, EE Dept.
  • 12/2010-01/2012 Post-doc, LIRIS, INSA Lyon
  • 09/2008-10/2010 Post-doc, LSS, Supelec
  • 09/2007-09/2008 Part-time Lecturer (ATER). INSA de Lyon, Telecommunications Dept.
  • 09/2004-09/2007 Research Assistant, LIRIS/CNRS. INSA de Lyon
  • 08/2001-08/2004 Software Developer, Vodafone Technology. Istanbul, Turkey
  • 06/2000-09/2000 Research Intern: Fraunhofer IIS. Erlangen, Germany
  • Teaching

    Bogazici University Electrical & Electronics Dept. :
  • EE-58H Digital Video Processing. site
  • EE-541 Computer Communication Networks I. site
  • INSA Lyon, Telecom. Department:
  • Video Coding and Real Time Transmission (RTP, RTSP, SIP)
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Programming languages (Java, C, C++)
  • Middleware (J2EE, XML, UML)
  • Students

  • Mehmet Yamac, MS
  • Deniz Yilmaz, BS
  • Cabir Akpinar, BS
  • Reviewer

  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
  • ELSEVIER Signal Processing
  • EURASIP Signal Processing: Image Communication
  • Publications

    Journal papers:

  • H. Lee, C. Dikici, G Lavoue, and F. Dupont, “Joint Reversible Watermarking and Progressive Compression of 3D Meshes.”, The Visual Computer, International Journal of Computer Graphics , vol 27, no. 6-8, pp. 781-792, 2011.[online]
  • C. Dikici, and H. I. Bozma, “Attention-Based Video Streaming”, Signal Processing: Image Communication , vol. 25, no. 10, pp. 745-760, Nov 2010.[online]
  • C. Dikici, M. K. Mihcak, and S. S. Kozat, “Gaussian Dirty Paper Coding with Gaussian Dirty State Informations (corresp.)”, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (submitted)[pdf].
  •  C. Dikici, C. Guillemot, C. Fontaine, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt, “Joint Data Hiding and Wyner-Ziv Coding, Theory and Practice”, EURASIP Journal of Information Security (submitted).[pdf]
  • Conference papers:

  • M. Yamac, C. Dikici, and B. Sankur, “Robust Watermarking of Compressive Sensed Measurements Under Impulsive and Gaussian Attacks” , EUSIPCO 2013 [pdf].
  • M. Yamac, C. Dikici, and B. Sankur, “Watermarking of Compressive Sensed Measurements” , SPARS 2013, Lausanne [pdf].
  • C. Subakan, O. Gurol, and C. Dikici“Stereo matching with partial information”, SPIE, 3DIP 2013. [pdf]
  • C. Dikici,A. Mokraoui, M. Kiefer, and P. Duhamel “Joint source-protocol-channel decoding: Improving 802.11n receivers”, EUSIPCO, 2011. [pdf]
  • F. Bassi, M. Kieffer, and C. Dikici “Multiterminal Source Coding of Bernoulli-Gaussian Correlated Sources”, IEEE, ICASSP 2009. [pdf]
  • C. Dikici, T. Maugey, M. A. Agostini, and O. Crave, “Efficient Frame Interpolation for Wyner-Ziv Video Coding”, SPIE, VCIP 2009. [pdf]
  • C. Dikici, C. Guillemot, C. Fontaine, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt,“ Dirty Paper Coding with Partial State Information”, IEEE, ISIVC 2008, Bilbao, Spain.[pdf]
  • C. Dikici, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt, “Dirty-paper writing based on LDPC codes for Data Hiding,Proc. of Workshop on Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security (MRCS), Springer ed. Istanbul, Turkey. pp. 114-120. LNCS, Sept 2006.[online]
  • C. Dikici, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt, “Joint Data-Hiding and Source Coding of Still Images,Proc. of EUSIPCO 2006,Firenze, Sept 2006.[pdf]
  • C. Dikici, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt, “Joint Data-Hiding and Source Coding with Partially Available Side Information, Proc SPIE 2006 Electronic Imaging,Vol. 6072, 60721E, Feb.17, 2006. [pdf] [ppt]
  • C. Dikici, R. Guermazi, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt, “Distributed Source Coding of Still Images”, Proc. of EUSIPCO 2005. [pdf] [ppt]
  • C. Dikici and H. Isil Bozma, “Video Coding Based on Pre-Attentive Processing”, Proc. of SPIE 2005 Real-Time Imaging Conference IX, Vol. 5671, pp 212-220, San Jose. [pdf]
  • C. Dikici, R. Civanlar, and H. Isil Bozma, “Fovea based Coding for Video Streaming”, Proc. of ICIAR, LNCS Vol. 3211, pp. 285-294, Porto, 2004. [pdf]
  • M. Yamac, C. Dikici, and B. Sankur, “Robust Watermarking of Compressive Sensed Signals” , Proc. of SIU 2013, Cyprus.
  • C. Dikici, K. Idrissi, and A. Baskurt,“Tatouage Informé pour le Codage Distribué ”,Proc. of CORESA 2006. [in French]
  • C. Dikici, U. Alp, H. Ayaz, M. Karadeniz, R. Civanlar, and H. Isil Bozma, “Fovea based Real-Time Video Processing and Streaming” , Proc. of SIU 2003, Istanbul.
  • Alp U. , H. Ayaz, M. Karadeniz, C. Dikici, and H. Isil Bozma, “Remote Control of a Robot over the Internet.” , Proc. of SIU 2003, Istanbul.
  • Sarac, I., C. Dikici, and B. Sankur, “New framing protocol for IP over SONET/SDH”, Proc. of 1 st Communication Conference at METU ,2001, Ankara.
  • Thesis:

  • C. Dikici, “Informed Watermarking and Compression of Multi-Sources”, Phd Thesis, INSA de Lyon, 2007.[pdf]
  • C. Dikici, “Fovea Based Coding for Video Streaming”, MS Thesis, Bogazici University, 2004.
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